“Ernesto Che Guevara, along with Evita, is the great guide that marks the path of our fight against injustices, inequalities and the powerful. His death was not enough to end his legacy and every day he is reborn in those who, Day by day, facing the adversities of their individual lives they decide to rebel against injustices and organize collectively to transform reality. Che does not stop teaching the importance of being #LealesAlPueblo. Che lives in every community center, in every popular pot, In the fight against hunger, he lives in every popular struggle, he lives where there is solidarity, where there are kids who are moved and activated against inequalities, he lives in the tenderness and rebellion of those who bet to build a different future, for all , where there are not excluded or postponed. Here we are Commander And everyone agrees With the light of your memory We will continue forward. #LealesAElPueblo #SomosElChe @julietamarilu @_karen_nan_ @b arriosdepieok @danimenendezok

The men’s senior team B defeats CV Salinas by 0-3 in the opening of the competition of the 1st regional division of the South group. Congratulations guys !! 💪🏼💪🏼 @voley_comunidad_valenciana @comunitatesport @esportselx #cveseniormasculinob #cvelche #CVbE #voleibol #SomosVoleibol #SomosElche

Work session of the female children’s teams, CV Elche A, CV Elche B and CV Elche Salesianos. We recover the illusion and the desire to make an effort with each training session. 💪🏼💪🏼 That the ball does not fall to the ground !! 🏐🏐 #keeptheballflying @voley_comunidad_valenciana @salesianos_elx @comunitatesport @esportselx #cvelche #CVbE #SomosVoleibol #SomosElche #voleibol #cvelcheIF

The debut of our Elche CF is coming up in the First Division League and @ orli.artedis wants to celebrate it by raffling this spectacular arrangement alluding to our great team ELCHE CF. So that YOU can be the lucky winner of this award, it is very easy to participate. ⚽️ just like the post. ⚽️ Follow our account (hidden) ⚽️ Tag many of your friends in our comments, the more you tag, the more chances you have to win. ⚽️ Publish this publication on your profile and don’t forget to tag us 💚💚💚 The draw will be on September 26, coinciding with the debut of Elche CF in the league. That day we will give you your prize so that you can enjoy it watching the warriors of our city win. Good luck and much Elche !!! #elchefutbolclub #muchoelche #Elche # ligaespañoladefutbol #futbolelche #frangiverde #aportodas #somoselche #ciudaddeelche #pantanodeelche #alicante # españa # españafutbol

A few days before the debut in the first division of NUESTRA FRANGIVERDE … @ orli.artedis is preparing to bring a nice surprise, to enjoy our first game in the first division … do not stop following us and inviting your friends, So enjoy our nice surprise to support our ILLICIT TEAM.